Business Conferences

Miami Herbert stands as a collection of thought leaders, influencing business practice through leading-edge faculty research and engagement with the business community.
Our faculty and staff regularly organize and host business forums, ranging from economics, finance, and management seminar series to impact conferences which bring together business leaders for forward-thinking discussions on the issues affecting management today.

Behavioral Finance Conference

Since its inaugural event in 2010, the conference has evolved into one of the premier behavioral finance conferences worldwide. The event brings together top researchers from all areas of behavioral finance and economics. The program’s paper submissions are often featured in A-rated journals.
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Business ForUM

High-profile business leaders, technical experts and leaders in public accounting and private industry share their perspectives on relevant issues impacting business today. Reconnect and network with business colleagues along with Miami Herbert Business School alumni, faculty and friends. CPE and CLE credit is awarded for these events.
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The Business of Health Care

Hosted by the Miami Herbert Business School and the Center for Health Management and Policy, this annual impact conference brings the most relevant topics in the business of health care. The 2020 conference brought together (virtually) industry leaders, including heads of the major U.S. medical and insurance associations, at a time when global health threats such as the coronavirus and the future of U.S. health care reform are at the center of public discourse. The event successfully explored innovative ways to address the increasingly complex social, political, and economic challenges shaping the availability, quality, and cost of care today.
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2023 CSO Summit & Symposium (CSOSS)

Now in its 6th year, the annual CSO Summit & Symposium (CSOSS) is one of the nation's premier networking events for sustainable business, economic resilience, and talent development. This is the premier networking event in sustainable business, CSOSS is designed for corporate executives, sustainability professionals, investment managers, government policymakers, community leaders, NGO activists, leading researchers, and university students from across every economic sector and academic discipline.
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ICGS Conference 2022

The 8th annual conference of the International Corporate Governance Society provides a forum for international academics and policymakers to showcase and discuss the latest corporate governance research issues and practices. This year’s theme is “Corporate Governance in a Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities.”
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Quantile Regression & Data Heterogeneity Workshop

This is a workshop that is part of our NSF-funded Focused Research Group (FRG: Collaborative Research: Quantile-Based Modeling for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Data) activities, aiming to bring researchers together to disseminate and discuss their recent work in the area of quantile regression and related methods for the analysis of heterogeneous data.
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Real Estate Impact

The University of Miami Real Estate Impact Conference is hosted annually by the Miami Herbert Business School and the University's School of Architecture. The conference brings together more than 500 industry professionals, students and recent alumni working in the industry to hear from leading experts on commercial and residential real estate markets.
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Winter Research Conference on Machine Learning & Business

This virtual, two-day conference brings together researchers on applications of machine learning and textual analysis across business disciplines.
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Winter Warm-Up Accounting Conference

The goal of the conference is to bring together a relatively small group of accounting researchers in an informal setting to discuss new and exciting academic research. 
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