Curriculum and Structure – PhD In Marketing

The PhD in Marketing at Miami Herbert unfolds as an integrated program of advanced study and research. Applicants should have an adequate academic background, personal maturity, and the ability to meet the program's high level of demand for initiative and scholarship.

Curriculum Overview

Being a student in the Marketing PhD program means a commitment to full-time and in-residence study.

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Doctoral studies in marketing are designed as a five-year program. Depending on whether students seek to undertake work in the more quantitative areas of the field (marketing research methods and modeling) or behavioral areas (consumer decision making), they will complete one of two rigorous core-course sequences: one focusing on economics and the other on psychology. In addition to completing the core courses, students will undertake advanced coursework in their chosen area of study. Upon completion of coursework, students continue with a thorough one-on-one training with one or more faculty mentors in their area.

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