Become an Executive Education Partner

Learning never stops. Directors and senior executives find paths to higher organizational value through Miami Herbert’s unique and tailored Executive Education Programs.
Corporate leaders may sometimes recognize organizational insufficiencies, but may need help in identifying exact problem areas. We help assess your organization’s unique culture, objectives, and goals and suggest customized executive education solutions tailored to your needs.

How We Customize

•    Case Analysis
•    Interactive Group Discussions
•    Individual and Team Company Projects
•    Business Simulations and Role Plays
•    Special Speakers (who provide insights into your areas of interest)
•    Virtual and Distance Learning
•    Self-Assessment Instruments and Coaching
•    Site Visits
•    Aligned with your Culture, Strategy and Vision
•    Relevant Case Studies and Examples Tailored to your Objectives
•    Expert Professors Aligned with your Industry and Objectives
•    Function
•    Management and Leadership Level
•    Individual Performance and Succession Plans
•    Education, Experience, and Cultural background
•    Time Frame
•    Location
•    Language
•    Budget

Education on Your Terms

From our first conversation to the post-program review, we maintain an ongoing exchange with you to create a program that will uniquely meet your needs.

Online Learning (Synchronous and Asynchronous)

During this time of distanced learning, we deliver virtual learning options that prioritize rigorous, useful, and memorable learning experiences while ensuring professionals around the world have access to essential business insights.

Virtual Classrooms 

Experience real-time learning and discussions through live classes using various platforms depending on your preferences. Participants engage with instructors and each other for an interactive, valuable virtual environment. 

Innovative Platform

We partner with innovators in online learning solutions to bring an engaging educational experience that motivates proficiency and retention through online action-based tools including:  

  • Simulations: Participants confront real-life critical scenarios, such as a cyberattack, and must make business decisions with operational or financial impacts.  
  • Experiential learning: Virtual spaces accommodate supporting elements, such as online breakout rooms, discussion boards, workbooks, note sections, and group exercises.
  • E-coaching: Embedded platform capabilities allow participants to enjoy personal access to their professor for individual and real-time coaching. 
  •  Gamification: Game-world elements, such as badges and trophies, keep participants motivated and committed. 

Hybrid Programs

Our priority is to fit your needs. Miami Herbert Executive Education options include hybrid programs that combine online and in-person environments.

In-Person Programs

Our in-person programs enable corporate leaders to bring their teams to Miami Herbert, or our faculty goes to them! For external clients who choose Miami Herbert, executives expand their network and engage in an international city at the forefront of business opportunities.