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Working Professionals

Miami Herbert takes your career to the next level.

Miami Herbert Business School offers various master’s programs with the working professional in mind. These programs allow for the flexibility that those already in the workforce need, such as adjusted schedules with night or weekend classes. 

Explore our suite of MBA and executive education programs and embark on capturing the career edge you’re looking for.

Explore Our Programs

Explore our suite of MBA and executive education programs and embark on capturing the career edge you’re looking for.

On-Campus Experience for the Working Professional

Experience our fully online Learning MBA Experience

With our Executive Education program, fully customized, adaptable, and innovative curriculums ensure that executives receive highly impactful yet concise programming that elevates knowledge without extraneous subject matters. Tailored attention also allows for courses fully in Spanish for our Latin American and Spanish-speaking partners. 

Career Resources for Working Professionals

Working to advance your career to the next level can lead to promotions at work, new business venture opportunities, or other career moves. Whatever it is, when the opportunity comes up, you might be able to use some help to quickly get your resume in shape, and shake the dust off your interview or presentation skills. 

Working Professional students have access to the following list of tools and resources to make that next step as easy and polished as possible:


12Twenty is the Miami Herbert Exclusive Job Board. Within the OCI and Job Listings tab, you will be able to access the 12TwentyGPS national job search portal. Create your personal profile to find roles matching your interests. Visit 12Twenty and use your single-sign on email address to activate your account.

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Mentor Connect

Explore, experience, and engage with the Miami Herbert Mentor Connect program. For 25 years, thousands of business students have benefited from invaluable contributions mentor have made to their career and professional development.

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Created by a Miami Herbert alum, Interstride applies data-driven technology, empowering international and domestic students to thrive in their job searching. It's a one-stop-shop career power tool for all! Visit Interstride using your email address to navigate and unlock opportunity.

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Alumni Career Corner

UMiami's Alumni Career Corner is designed to support your career development and interests from anywhere in the world. Career Corner provides exclusive access to job boards, career coaching, resources, and topics such as refining your resume, networking, and industry events. This platform allows you to conduct self-directed, customized career development on your own time.


Korn Ferry Advance

Miami Herbert graduate students have priority access to Korn Ferry Advance at a 50% discount of $25 per month for the first three months. After the introductory period, the price will be $49 per month. 

Discount code: JOBS50 

Features included in the monthly subscription: 
Virtual career coaching: Participants meet virtually with a dedicated career coach for one-on-one guidance. 
Goal setting: Participants can set and track career goals on the platform.
Self-assessment: Science-based assessment identifies which personal traits to leverage in the career planning and job searching process. 
24/7 chat: Participants can ask for guidance via a chat function at anytime. 
Live webinars: Career, search, and development experts interact live with participants to guide them on all facets of career planning and job search. 
Career Insights: Videos and articles by career experts provide insight into effectively conducting a job search. 
Resume parsing: A resume AI tool shows participants how recruiting platforms will parse their resumes giving guidance on how to improve them and increase the likelihood they don't get blocked from human consideration. 
Interview App: A mobile AI application allows the participants to record interview segments and provides visual feedback on how to improve them. 
Skillsoft courses: Access to over 3,000 courses on Skillsoft. Job Board: Participants can search a curated job database of 2million+ jobs

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StandOut® is a video recruitment platform using advanced cognitive computing and AI to conduct mock interviews for practice, boosting student confidence. Please use you single sign-on email address and password.

  • Utilize the latest video technology to scale your mock interview practice
  • Create customized interviews or choose from an extensive video library
  • Improve your interviewing skills on your own schedule and without an appointment
  • Develop your on-air presence
  • Monitor progress

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Business DNA now has the ability to reliably measure over 200 behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives. Miami Herbert students have access to three reports: 

  • Work Talents 
  • Natural Behavior 
  • Summary Hiring Report 

Please use your student email address when registering.

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