Measuring success.

Evaluating ROI

It is our responsibility to thoroughly interview and question clients on the assumptions that they are making about the program and their expectations for change within their organizations. 

Using this model, we can evaluate ROI at the following levels:

  • Participants’ reactions: immediate post-program
  • Acquisition of learning by participants
  • Application of new skills or behaviors 
  • Results at an organizational level
  • Financial ROI

Through clarity of expectations, open communication, and tailored attention, we have achieved a track record of fulfilled participants that experience long-term results.

The Executive Education Advisory Committee

The mission of the Executive Education Advisory Committee (EEAC) is to provide strategic guidance and position the department to foster a business climate that generates success, excellence, and ROI for executive education clients.

Ann Olazábal
Interim Dean, Miami Herbert Business School

Tim Ryan
Chairman, Santander Holdings US, Santander Bank, N.A., and Banco Santander International

Alex Montoya
Chief Operating Officer, GRS North America, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Ashaki Rucker
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Telemundo

Mauricio Ortiz
President Latin America, Boston Scientific

Ryan Bibbo
Vice President Human Resources, Americas, Bacardi

Antonio Valiente
Director, Chubb Insurance

Jamie Farrell  
COO and Co-founder, Edge Pathways

Walter Kuemmerle
President, Kuemmerle Research Group, Ltd.

Kelly Bean
Principal, Heron Strategy Partners

Rony Shir
Assistant Dean, Executive Education, Miami Herbert Business School

Patricia Abril
Professor, Business Law, Miami Herbert Business School

Steve Cerrone
Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Management,  Miami Herbert Business School

Alex Niemeyer
Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Management Science,  Miami Herbert Business School


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