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Accounting, BSBA

Take your quantitative skills to the next level for a competitive advantage in a venerated profession.


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting prepares you for a career in corporate or public accounting, with the added technical skills that are in demand in today’s professional practice. Students pursuing this degree often combine it with a minor in Business Analytics, Business Technology, or Finance to more intentionally shape their career outcomes.

What You'll Learn

In addition to satisfying the requirements of the University’s Cognates Program of General Education and electives to meet the overall 120-credit degree requirement, students pursuing the BSBA in Accounting must complete the more quantitative BSBA Business Core of Required Courses and the specific coursework for the Accounting major area of specialization.
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Meet some of our distinguished faculty in Accounting.
Diana Falsetta, Associate Professor, Accounting

Diana Falsetta

Associate Professor, Accounting
Miguel Minutti-Meza, Department Chair and Associate Professor, Accounting

Miguel Minutti-Meza

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Accounting
Dhananjay Nanda, Vice Dean, Faculty and Research, and Professor, Accounting

Dhananjay Nanda

Vice Dean, Faculty and Research, and Professor, Accounting
Kay W. Tatum, Associate Professor, Accounting

Kay W. Tatum

Associate Professor, Accounting
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