School courtyard with flags.

A Global Mindset

Building global perspectives.

All business is global. Pursuant to our mission to develop transformative scholarship and principled leaders for business and society, Miami Herbert Business School is dedicated to fostering global mindsets and multicultural understanding. Our location in the most international city in the U.S. certainly helps, as does our focus on first-hand experience abroad and our diverse community of faculty and staff from all around the world.

Building Global Alliances

Miami Herbert continues to strengthen its international presence by actively participating in global conversations about all things business including social impact and sustainability, business analytics and technology, behavioral decision-making, governance and principled leadership. 

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Developing Global Leaders

Miami Herbert is a leader in preparing individuals and organizations to excel in the complex, dynamic, and interconnected world of international business. With its location at the crossroads of the Americas, in one of the most diverse and dynamic business centers, the School is acclaimed for its global perspective. 

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Teaching "GloCal" Perspectives

Our diverse population of students, faculty, and staff with different backgrounds and viewpoints enrich the Miami Herbert experience. Our undergraduate and graduate curricula emphasize the fundamentals of global business, prepares students to become global and local "Glocal" leaders, and provide opportunities to make worldwide impact.

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Global Responsibility

Miami Herbert has taken on an active role as a responsible member of our local, national, and international community learning to operate more sustainably, providing skills to balance economic and sustainability goals, encouraging impactful research, linking theory and practice, joining global commitments and embracing broader global issues to better prepare our future global leaders and ultimately contribute to positive social change.

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