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3rd AIS SIG DITE Paper Development Workshop

3rd AIS SIG DITE Paper Development Workshop on Digital Innovation, Transformation, and Entrepreneurship will take place on November 17, 2023.

Digital technology continues to change the landscape of innovation, organizational transformation, and entrepreneurship. The AIS special interest group on digital innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship (SIG DITE) is organizing a paper development workshop at the University of Miami Herbert Business School to promote research on the various ways in which digital technology impacts these areas.

The workshop will bring together leading faculty in the fields of digital innovation, digital transformation, and digital entrepreneurship. It is primarily aimed at early career researchers (late-stage Ph.D. students, Post Docs, pre-tenure faculty) who can develop their ongoing research into papers within a friendly and collegial environment. Established and senior scholars working on DITE topics are also welcome.

 The workshop will be developmental, with all participants providing and receiving feedback on their ongoing research from senior scholars and peers with similar interests. We welcome different types of submissions, including novel, work-in-progress papers, more advanced papers that have been developed for submission to a journal, as well as mature papers that have already been submitted to a journal and for which authors would like to receive feedback for their next revision.

The paper development workshop is scheduled to take place on November 17, with a welcome reception on November 16. The event will commence with a welcome speech from Ola Henfridsson and Jan Recker on November 17, followed by a keynote address from Suprateek Sarker, the AIS President and Editor in Chief of Information Systems Research.

After the keynote speech, participants will engage in round-table discussions of the submitted papers. Groups of up to four participants, who are at a similar stage in their research projects and share common research interests, will convene for small-group discussions. Each group discussion will be led by one or two scholars with extensive experience in conducting and publishing studies related to digital innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship, as well as substantial experience in reviewing, editing, and mentoring.

 In the afternoon, we will have a panel on “Frontiers in IS Research Methodologies and Theorizing”. Confirmed panelists are Youngjin Yoo, Nick Berente, Sabine Brunswicker, and Nina Huang. We will close the event with the SIG DITE paper award and a workshop dinner.

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*Sponsored by Intelligent Computer Systems Research Institute and the Schein Family Endowed Chair.