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The Miami Global Executive MBA is designed for established professionals, small business owners, and family business executives looking to add breadth to their skill set. Its innovative curriculum places an emphasis on learning by doing through simulation, role-play, and case studies along with global immersion business experiences and C-suite panels.

The 17-month program places emphasis on learning by doing. A C-suite panel of experts kicks off each residency with knowledge and structure for learning tools that include role-play, computer simulation, and negotiation. Following weekly online sessions with attendance flexibility, students apply the acquired theories during hands-on campus residencies. For the duration of the program, each student is paired with a seasoned business leader for unparalleled access to top business echelons and sound professional advice.

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To ensure your growth, the Miami Global Executive MBA’s curriculum is dynamic, constantly changing to meet current business demands. The program provides a high-end experience by integrating cross-functional perspectives in team-taught modules that bring together multiple faculty and business leaders to give you a truly integrated, global business perspective while focusing on four core areas:

  • Strategy & Execution: Learn how to think “big” and chart compelling strategic direction, and how to effectively execute plans to outperform the competition, avoiding the gap between strategy and execution.
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership: Learn to lead, inspire, and align high-performance teams in global organizations and diverse markets.
  • Managing Operations & Decision Making: Increase ROI, resolve trade-offs, and drive positive outcomes through a deeper understanding of processes, data, and analytics.
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology:  Think forward, inspire innovation, and integrate business technology and artificial intelligence to excel in today's competitive environment.
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