Five business schools, four continents.

The Global Executive OneMBA delivers a global curriculum built and simultaneously delivered by five partner schools. Students benefit from global residencies on four continents, and global teamwork that draws on the diverse perspectives and experience of colleagues from around the world.

The unique and truly global curriculum is simultaneously delivered by all five partner schools and divided into four core areas:

  • Core global curriculum: Courses designed and developed by all five partners.
  • Regional curriculum: Courses designed to explore the specific realities of each business region against the context of global business.  
  • Global residencies: Weeklong residencies in each continent.
  • Global teamwork: Projects requiring you to be part of a global team leveraging diverse experiences and perspectives. 

Explore the Curriculum

OneMBA integrates four distinct learning tracks, providing you with a powerful learning experience:

  • Global trends and strategic innovation: Anticipate and understand the major trends that will be reshaping the world of business, as well as innovate and reconfigure your business in response to new market forces.
  • Leadership development: Gain self-awareness and build on your leadership strengths, ensuring you are better prepared to effectively lead and inspire diverse teams in your professional network, and strengthen your reputation as a responsible global citizen.
  • Global experiential learning and networking: Expand and leverage your network of colleagues and institutions through OneMBAs’ global team approach, with the goal of becoming more inclusive and culturally sensitive as a leader in the global arena. 
  • Professional Management: Explore and apply cutting-edge management concepts and theoretically sound practices through globally coordinated courses with strong cross-functional perspectives, as part of your essential toolkit as a decision-maker and entrepreneurial executive in an ever-changing, competitive landscape.
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