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Employers redesigned the Full-Time MBA program with Miami Herbert students in mind. And, graduates of the JD/MBA program are uniquely well positioned for recruitment in industries like legal practice, investment banking, venture capital and consulting. They also possess market skills that put them in an excellent position for long-term professional success.

Graduate readiness is at the core of our newly enhanced program. Students have a clear opportunity to tap into what sets our MBA students apart as leaders while getting ready for the global workforce. 

The JD/MBA joint degree program in law and business allows you to earn the Juris Doctor degree from the School of Law and a Master of Business Administration degree from Miami Herbert Business. Independently, the JD degree requires the completion of 88 credits, while the MBA degree requires 56 credits. Students enrolled in the JD/MBA dual-degree program benefit from a total of 16 shared credit hours, reducing the overall required course load to 128 credits for both degrees. 

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