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Meet Dr. Robert Plant

Robert Plant

Dr. Robert Plant stands at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research as the Founding Chair of the Department of Business Technology and an Associate Professor at the University of Miami's Herbert Business School in Coral Gables, Florida. His innovative work focuses on validating AI systems, exploring the intersection of AI and labor economics, neuro-symbolic AI, and driving technology transformation.

As a respected voice in technology discourse, Dr. Plant contributes to the Harvard Business Review, penning influential articles such as "The Disappearing Data Center," "The Data Challenge," "To Build a Global Brand You Need a Global App," "Brand Intelligence = Big Data + Consumer Intelligence," "3D Technologies: A Gateway to Innovative Design," and "The 360 Degree View of the Customer." He also writes for Harvard Business Review's online platform,

Dr. Plant has written for the Chatham House’s World Today; the China People’s Daily, the Financial Times and is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal online in its Leadership Expert section. He also writes for Forbes Insights as a contributor regarding technology-strategy-related issues.

Authoring several books on e-business and technology, Dr. Plant has also published over 60 peer-reviewed articles. He specializes in validation and verification of AI systems and is a former Chair of the AAAI workshops on V&V in AI, and he has taught in graduate executive programs around the world.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence at The University of Liverpool, England, previously having previously studied computation at The Programming Research Group, Department of Mathematics, Oxford University. Dr. Plant is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered Engineer, and European Engineer.