Intelligent Computer Systems Research Institute

At ICSRI, we are at the forefront of advancing artificial intelligence and computer systems. Our mission is to explore the depths of AI, validating and verifying its capabilities to ensure a safer, smarter future.

About the ICSRI

As the Institute approaches its 40th anniversary, AI has well and truly come back into the mainstream of public attention, in part through the consumer's everyday interaction, both known and unknown, with intelligent systems and devices. Corporations too are now embracing AI in its many flavors to maintain competitive parity, discover new markets, and increasingly, simply remain 'relevant and in the game.'

In parallel with the uptake of AI, the Institute has risen to match these demands. To do so, the Institute has attracted leading researchers in Machine Learning, platforms, personalized medicine, blockchain, and central to all of these: ethics. The group is dedicated to pushing forward the frontiers of theoretical, computational AI, and neuro-symbolic systems but also to gain a deeper understanding of the behavioral and "human" dynamics of human-system interactions.

The members of the Institute are actively applying AI and related techniques to a variety of domains, including healthcare, material science, and transportation, while also looking at deep philosophical questions that society faces: 'Do AI's have rights? What is sentient behavior? What are the corporate ethics of applying robotic systems?' Central to all these is again the validation and verification question, for example, 'Can we ensure that a system is not biased in an AI-based job interview, any more than a human might be?' This is where social data science and other aspects of cognitive neuroscience also overlap with computational AI, which makes the field extremely interesting and frequently surprising in its outcomes.

A major goal of the Institute is to work with policymakers globally to advise, collaborate, and develop thought leadership. As such, the Institute is a center of excellence:

  • Advising businesses and policymaking bodies
  • Conducts and disseminates leading-edge research
  • Offers consulting services to the business, government, and NGOs within the wider business community
  • Provides training and education in AI for Corporate Boards, Executives, and Business Leaders.
  • Leads businesses, governments, and organizations in finding solutions to today's complex intelligent systems delivery and application challenges
  • Evaluates policies on the provision, management, and economics of healthcare
  • Provides educational conferences and workshops for the community at large