Hyperion Council

With a legacy of leadership at the University of Miami Herbert Business School, we've dedicated ourselves to educating managers who have strong core values and are ready to meet the needs of a diverse, global business environment. The Hyperion Council encourages undergraduate business students to gain leadership experience by developing projects that strengthen the bonds between the local business and university communities.


Integrity • Fortitude • Resilience • Excellence • Initiative

Goals/ Objective

The objectives of the Council are to: - Promote the ideals of good corporate citizenship - Recognize the students from the School of Business who most exemplify the Council’s core values - Foster a unique esprit de corps among students, faculty, and alumni from the School of Business - Strengthen the bonds between University of Miami students and the community.


The mission of the Hyperion Council is to recognize the superior qualities and achievements of leaders from the School of Business at the University of Miami. Embracing the values of integrity, fortitude, resilience, excellence and initiative, each Titan strives to enhance his/her surrounding community through generosity and innovation. Bound by a shared commitment to scholarship and commerce, the Hyperion Council strengthens fellowship between the university and the business communities. The Hyperion Council will flourish through the continuing contributions of its members with the goal of building a legacy that will exemplify the standards of uncompromising excellence.

Current Titans

Angela Ansah

Eric Baur

Ahn Dao

Ermis Dimitriadis

Ahmed Elfeky

Alexis Gaines

Jasmine Jones

Claire Kim

Taylor Lin

Paul Lohmann

Devin Montani

Domenica Nunez

Samuel Quinnilid

Daniella Sucre

Logan Tridel

Leah Verwoht

rachel yeung hyperion council

Rachel Yeung