Nonprofit internship students

Nonprofit Internships

Strengthen your business skills and make a difference.

Miami Herbert's Nonprofit Summer Internship program encourages students to intern with a nonprofit organization to work on projects that benefit the community. Students selected into the program are responsible for securing the internship, and will be given a monetary stipend to cover food, lodging, transportation, and other incidental expenses.

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The Student Experience

Demi Trimm
Accounting and Finance Student

Not only did I have the opportunity to gain self-management skills, an intern experience, and knowledge in my major, I was able to make a small impact in my community.

Demi Trimm Class of 2023
Pablo de la Fuente
Economics Major

The internship taught me much more than I would have ever imagined. I learned multiple things that I know will be extremely beneficial to my future career in finance.

Pablo De La Fuente

Why work for a Nonprofit?

  • Your work can make a difference in your local community
  • Your work will likely have more variety in responsibilities
  • The opportunity to work in a connected environment
  • You gain valuable work experience to add to your resume

Benefits of Miami Herbert’s Nonprofit Internships

  • Provides students with an opportunity to get great experience in an important business area
  • Students receive a significant monetary stipend to cover food, lodging, transportation, and other incidental expenses
  • Provides an opportunity to pursue a job and work in a unique space


  • The opportunity is only available to Freshmen and Sophomore students
  • The student must be employed by a nonprofit organization
  • Students are responsible for finding and securing the internship on their own
  • The internship must be at least six weeks in duration
  • The stipend will be direct deposited into the student’s CaneLink account, NOT issued a check or cash payment
  • Reflections Document, which is a summary that details the internship experience. This is due at the end of the internship.
  • Interested students must participate in an interview process to be considered for selection by a committee
  • Students must register for the Toppel Internship Program to be considered for participation in this program. To register, click here.

 Important Dates

Information Session March 22, 2023
Application Deadline April 5, 2023
Interviews Begin April 12, 2023
Acceptance Notification April 21, 2023
Acceptance Deadline May 1, 2023
Reflections Report Due August 26, 2023

For more information, please contact Garth Birch,; or Yamirca Blanco,