Miami Herbert Lecture Series

Beyond COP26: What Businesses Must Do

The time to act to prevent catastrophic climate change is now.
In this lecture series, Miami Herbert explores the role that business, as an institution, can play in the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. Influential global leaders and investors across different industries who are committed to reversing climate change through innovative thinking share their perspectives on critical issues leading up to the UN Climate Change Conference in November 2021 (COP26) and beyond.

Past Speakers

Lisa Jackson, Apple

Lisa Jackson

Vice President, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Apple, and former administrator of EPA under President Obama
December 8, 2021
Lisa Jackson, vice president for environment, policy and social initiatives at Apple, explained the company’s business model that safeguards planetary concerns while producing consumer electronics.
Helias picture at Lecture Series

Virginie Hélias

Chief Sustainability Officer, Procter and Gamble
November 9, 2021
Hélias, named in 2012 to develop and operationalize Procter & Gamble’s sustainability strategies and goals, highlighted a range of product innovations—from reduced-weight diapers and cold-water detergent to reduced packaging and digital watermarks to improve recycling identifications—that have supported revenues and simultaneously lessened environmental impact.
Suni Hartford, President of UBS Asset Management

Suni Harford

President, Asset Management, UBS
October 27, 2021 
Suni Harford is the President of Asset Management, UBS, talks about her role at UBS, the state of the global "build back better" agenda as it relates to climate, and how asset management can help in the fight against climate change.