Miami Herbert Lecture Series

The Herbert Half Hour

This 30-minute lecture series attracts industry experts and leaders from a variety of organizations to speak about today's pressing issues, and to share their unique leadership styles and experiences.

Past Speakers

Jason Albanese General Partner and CEO, Lightning Capital

Jason Albanese

General Partner and CEO, Lightning Capital
April 26, 2022
Jason Albanese, general partner and CEO of Lightning Capital, called crypto currency “a beautiful technology” that is the leading driver of Web 3.0—proclaimed as the next iteration of the internet—but said the still nascent technology remains highly complex and in need of regulation.
Two Miami Entrepreneurs Alex Merutka, Founder & CEO, Craftsman+, and Albert Santalo, Founder and CEO, 8Base

Alex Merutka & Albert Santalo

Miami Entrepreneurs
December 14, 2021
Two Miami Entrepreneurs Alex Merutka, Founder & CEO, Craftsman+; and Albert Santalo, Founder & CEO, 8Base, join us for two back-to-back Herbert Half Hour chats to discuss disruptive technology and the tech momentum in Miami.
Hilda Fernandez, CEO of Camillus House

Hilda Fernandez

CEO of Camillus House

September 15, 2021
As the CEO of Camillus House, one of the largest non-profit agencies in Miami-Dade, alumna Hilda Fernandez, discusses how she spearheads a complex system of care that serves more than 17,000 men, women and children each year through over 40 programs and services offered in ten locations throughout Miami-Dade County, and how she successfully navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meg Daly

Meg Daly

CEO & President, Friends of The Underline

August 19, 2021
Seven years ago, Meg Daly broke both of her arms in a bicycle accident. While taking the Metrorail to attend physical therapy, she noticed the unused land beneath it. That's when the idea for Friends of The Underline was born.

Anthony Phillipson British Diplomat

Antony Phillipson

British Consul General in New York & HM Trade Commissioner for North America

May 20, 2021
Antony Phillipson discussed Brexit, COVID-19, the role of the Monarchy in projecting British culture and authority, and much more.

City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

Francis Suarez

Mayor, City of Miami
April 27, 2021
Mayor Francis Suarez outlined his vision for Miami's future and explained some of the reasons why the city is poised to become the next big global tech hub. 
Gloria Guevara

Gloria Guevara

President and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council
April 21, 2021
World Travel & Tourism Council President & CEO Gloria Guevara praised the steadfast and united approach across the industry during the Covid-19 pandemic and addressed the sector's recovery.
Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever

Paul Polman

Co-founder & Chair of IMAGINE, former CEO of Unilever

February 25,  2021
Paul Polman, co-founder and chair of Imagine, a social venture accelerating business leadership to achieve sustainable development goals,  addresses the global shift toward green energy technologies—such as the production of batteries to power electric cars— and how it is motivating executives to pursue more holistic performance priorities.