Academic Advising

Your professional academic advisor is your partner in accomplishing your academic goals in a timely manner

Academic Advising is a collaborative process through which students, guided by professional academic advisors, realize the maximum educational benefits available to them. Advisors work with students to provide a better understanding of themselves and of how to use the resources of the University of Miami and the Miami Herbert Business School to meet their own educational goals. 

Principles Guiding the Academic Advising Partnership 

  • You are the driver; share your thoughts and aspirations with your advisor.
  • Be flexible and adaptive
  • There is no such thing as a perfect schedule
  • A scheduled advising meeting is 30 minutes.
  • Working with your advisor is a shared responsibility intended to build trust
  • You and your advisor create an academic planner
  • Your goal is to graduate from UM in a timely manner

Before an Advising Meeting 

  • Review the UM Academic Bulletin
  • Review your Business core curriculum
  • Review your major area of specialization
  • Formulate questions you need answered
  • Contemplate how you might want to customize your undergraduate degree
  • Consider a Study Abroad semester or experience
  • Contemplate career and/or graduate school options

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