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Business Technology

Faculty and staff at Miami Herbert’s Department of Business Technology work to unlock students’ potential to explore and apply technologies such as Blockchain, FinTech, Machine Learning and Digital Platforms for innovative business solutions.

As technology forms an ever-prevailing presence in our daily lives, business technology and information management also increase in importance. Faculty within the Department of Business Technology address the educational need by teaching business technology management as a critical element to arrive at solutions for pressing business problems.

What We Teach

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Machine Learning

Today’s business and government organizations rely heavily upon information management for efficient administration and management. Collection, storage, and retrieval of data by computers occur in a wide range of business activities, including daily operations, management decision-making, and long-range planning. As the dependence of management on business technology grows, so does the need for business technology specialists.

Additionally, in a world where innovation in technology never stops, the Department of Business Technology’s world-ranked research faculty bring that research to the classroom. There they provide cutting edge teaching and engagement on topics that include blockchain, crypto, NFTs, platform theory and practice, AI and systems; to prepare students to be leaders in business and as entrepreneurial innovators.  

Major in Business Technology

The Business Technology major is designed to provide students with the key skills in information technology needed for today’s fast-paced business environment, plus a firm grounding in the primary business areas in which these skills will be applied. Graduates of the program may qualify for entry-level positions as FinTech coders; Big Data Analysts; ML developers; cloud practitioners; technology project managers; Tableau specialists; systems and/or information analysts; information security specialists; consultants; user support analysts; programmers; or other information-management positions.

Learn from the best

Meet the Faculty

Miami Herbert faculty influence business practice through teaching, publications, and engagement with the business community.
Robert Plant: Department Chair and Associate Professor, Business Technology

Robert Thomas Plant

Associate Professor, Business Technology Department Chair, Business Technology
Ola Henfridsson

Ola Henfridsson

Professor, Business Technology | Schein Family Endowed Chair Associate Dean, Online Business Programs
Dr. Sara Rushinek

Sara F. Rushinek

Professor, Business Technology
Robert Gregory

Robert Wayne Gregory

Associate Professor, Business Technology