Students on green and orange hammocks on the University of Miami campus.

Management Science

Build analytical perspectives and learn how to apply data-driven knowledge with a degree from Miami Herbert’s Department of Management Science.

Miami Herbert’s Department of Management Science propels careers in business analytics and research. Students learn how to interpret data and extract critical takeaways that may contribute to an organization’s continued competitive edge. Dedicated faculty give students the concepts, knowledge, and skills necessary for an analytical mindset to one day inform high-level and oftentimes high-stakes decisions across organizational function areas, including finance, marketing, operations, and human resources.

Our Department Mission

We seek to provide curricula that give students the concepts, knowledge, and skills necessary to be successful in the profession of business analytics and research, or an excellent and appropriate analytics foundation for non-management science graduates. We work to place management science students in business analytics positions and provide the community with fully qualified graduates capable of tackling the most challenging data-driven strategy questions.

Learn from the Best


Learn with world-class management scholars.
Professor Lan Wang

Lan Wang

Department Chair, Management Science Centennial Endowed Professor
Howard Gitlow

Howard Gitlow

Professor, Management Science
Professor Cong Shi

Cong Shi

Associate Professor Co-director, MS in Business Analytic
Tallys Yunes

Tallys Yunes

Associate Professor, Management Science Ph.D. coordinator
Tallys Yunes

Christos Zacharias

Associate Professor